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There are many different kinds of books published in as many languages as do exist around the world. Books are published in different sizes. They may be in small pocket size, or demy size, or then in large formats. Books may also be illustrated to make them colourful and interesting. Books are printed in small font or larger font for easy reading. Children’s books are usually printed in very large font. Books are printed in Braille too for the visually challenged.

There are also coffee table books that are well-illustrated. These books are called so because they can be placed on coffee tables and can be browsed through leisurely over a cup of coffee.

Books are sold in book shops where many hundreds of books are displayed. They may be new or old titles. Bestselling titles are often displayed in shop windows.

Books are also available to read and refer to in libraries. There are libraries in educational institutions for the use of their own students. Many organizations also have their own libraries for their members and employees. There are public libraries too where the facility is available either to anyone of the public or registered members. Books may be issued from libraries for a particular period of time for use and returned.

Today, books are available on the internet too, and can be read on the computer or the kindle. This has increased the access to books in a big way. There are rare and old books too that are hard to find. There are collectors of such old books. Available copies of such books are preserved. Today, books are preserved digitally. India has a large collection of books that can be accessed through online digital libraries.

Books are treasure troves of knowledge. They educate and enlighten readers. Books are also read for pleasure and fun. There are many different genres of books. There are two categories to which books may belong – fiction and non-fiction. People read books according to their need, requirement or preference, Books are our real friends, and time spent on reading is time well spent.

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